Go Hard | Rocom


Who you wanna fuck with, know you wanna bump this,
none a y’all done shit, smash you like a munchkin,
steady as a gunship, big, heavy,
check it, I run shit, none a y’all ready,
got tears in ya face, runnin mascara,
makin little kids hits, hanna barbara,
getcha noodle fixed, spaghetti marinara,
you a mark, take my summer, come on I double dare ya,
nickelodeon, crazy californian,
down with undead jay dog and funnyman,
I can’t stop, won’t stop, when ya let the beat drop,
me and killtron, get rad to the boombox,
hit me like hola, supported like a soldier,
ghostride worldwide, aint nobody told ya,
haters on the go, don’t beef on email,
come at me bro, show my teeth like TFail,
Still the same kid, drug free, straight edge,
you could party, stay clean, I don’t really give a shit,
one life, live it how you want, don’t waste it,
prefer to do this than get fucked up wasted,
that’s me, take it how ya want,
download me, keep it G like a boss,
that’s that, never had a label,
built this with my fans and some ethernet cables,
aint a fable, storytelling suckas get dropped,
spinning on the table, my totem be a top,
and that means, I live my dreams,
never got the kick to incept what’s inside of me,
the concept’s simple, bullet to ya temple,
I bought my ride, you’re sittin in a rental,
don’t be mad at the game, be sad that ya lame,
westside til I die aint a damn thang changed,