Cinavia HACK for PS3 Media Streaming

Sony has teamed up with Cinavia in an attempt to halt the streaming of pirated movies using the PS3. I love using my PS3 for streaming movies and TV shows, so I was pretty pissed off when the audio went mute after only 20 minutes or so of watching a film. This problem will happen on some rips of BluRay movies. The following hack will not work with DTS audio, but it should work otherwise. Best of luck!

Here’s the HACK:

  1. Go to your sound settings
  2. Select audio output settings
  3. Switch from HDMI to optical digital (even if you use HDMI)
  4. Select every setting there is, then SAVE IT.
  5. Once its saved, it will take you back to sound settings, select audio multi-output and turn it ON.

Worked fine for me. Another way around it is to get a Cinavia free file of the media you are watching, which have become available recently. If you are a video editor, you can also use the audio track from a DVD rip and attach it to the BluRay rip of the movie. The PS3 is a great system, here’s to Sony and Cinavia trying to fuck that up.

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